Pilates Classes in the Marston Vale.
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How much does Pilates with Jo Cost?

Please refer to the 'Training Options' page for the Zoom sessions timetable.

   For class access all you need to do is download the ‘Zoom’ app to your smart device or
   go to the website, 'www.zoom.us', and create an account - you will only need
   the free/basic account. You do not need a paid/licensed account.

    The cost is £5.50 per class per person, which is paid by Internet Banking.
    You can ‘Pay As You Go’ on the day or you can pay £33 for a block of 6 classes.

Mat Work Classes
Please refer to the 'Training Options' page for the planned group sessions timetable.

Class Fees:

   [Marston, Millbrook & Wootton]
        £42 for the course (Payable at time of registration)
        The course is 6 x 60 minute sessions (i.e. £7.00 per session)
Private Tuition
Travel expenses may apply, these will be agreed before any private tuition starts

Private Tuition Fees:
     £45 per person

     Or, pay for 6 sessions in advance:
     £225 per person

For further details on either Mat Classes or Private Tuition please contact me via the details on the 'Contact' page.